Volunteer to Help Clients in Need

Every day, thousands of Minnesotans suffer needlessly from solvable legal problems. You can make a difference.

Health Care, Safety, Making Ends Meet, and Housing

The Volunteer Attorney Program needs attorneys to help provide low-income members of the communities we serve access to our justice system through pro bono legal assistance.

Interested in volunteering? Please submit a Volunteer Information Form found here and we’ll gratefully be in touch to answer your questions and help determine the best way you could help clients in need through our program.

Volunteer attorneys are needed to do the following:

  • Volunteer at our Ask an Attorney program legal advice clinics.
  • Provide a phone advice to a client who lives too far a distance from an advice clinic.
  • Provide brief assistance with completing and filing necessary paperwork.
  • Provide brief assistance of review of paperwork and providing advice on next steps.
  • Accept eligible civil legal cases for full representation.
  • Mentor other attorneys on their pro bono cases.

What are the benefits to volunteering your time with the Volunteer Attorney Program:

  • Knowing you are making a meaningful difference in someone’s life.
  • VAP offers training, resource support and the opportunity to be matched with a more experienced mentor for your volunteer case.
  • Access to lower cost or free CLE training opportunities, including to the most well attended trainings in the state – the Family Law Institute and the Bankruptcy Institute.
  • Receive one (1) hour of standard CLE credit for every six (6) hours of pro bono legal services.
  • VAP offers professional malpractice insurance for our volunteers.

*Attorney Portal coming soon!*

Volunteer Information Form

What motivates our attorneys to volunteer their time and represent clients pro bono?

Peter Raukar

VAP Volunteer Attorney

"I volunteer because I was raised to attempt to put others before myself, and that doing so is reward in itself."

Tracy Podpeskar

VAP Volunteer Attorney

"I volunteer because there is a tremendous need for pro bono and low bono legal services in the area of family law. In addition, I find that many cases can settle if a party is provided appropriate legal advice."

Erik Haslam

VAP Volunteer Attorney

"I volunteer because it has been rewarding to see the relief the client experienced—on several occasions—knowing they would not be going through the legal process alone and could, consequently, achieve a better result."

Chelsie Troth

VAP Volunteer Attorney

"I volunteer because as an attorney, I have witnessed firsthand how much of a positive impact sound legal advice and direction can have on an individual’s situation. For those who cannot afford legal services, they are often times stuck in a situation that seems hopeless to them. By volunteering my time, I can help those in seemingly hopeless situations find guidance and resources to better themselves, their circumstances and their families."

Andrew R. Peterson

VAP Volunteer Attorney

"I volunteer because I enjoy helping people and having the opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives in a positive way. I like participating regularly in the Ask an Attorney Program. At the Ask an Attorney Program, I am able help clients navigate the legal system so that their legal needs can be met."

Joseph J. Roby, Jr.

VAP Volunteer Attorney

"I volunteer because it’s an obligation of the profession. Being a pro bono attorney is a gratifying experience and a valuable contribution to the justice system."

Donald C. Erickson

VAP Volunteer Attorney

"I volunteer because I feel strongly that everyone deserves representation on their legal issues. If the rule of law is to survive, our citizens need to have their ‘day in court’ and their ‘side of the story told.’ I have found that when people have had a chance to provide their facts and arguments with representation, they accept the result much better – win or lose. It is, in my opinion, essential to the survival of our democracy that our citizens have respect for the rule of law and equal justice for all. Volunteering is one way to provide that representation to people who would not otherwise be represented."

Adrienne Pearson

VAP Volunteer Attorney

"I like knowing that I am empowering my too often powerless client. I like knowing that my assistance can give my client the confidence and knowledge to advocate for themselves even after our case has closed."