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Nicki Minaj Slams Miley Cyrus for "Anaconda" Copy-Cat Pic After Pop Star Photoshops the Racy Cover

Howtogetmoretwittersfollowers.com how to get more twitters followers Apparently, imitation isn't always the sincerest form of flattery. twitter followers free Such was the case for Miley Cyrus after the 21-year-old pop star shared a copy-cat pic of Nicki Minaj's "Anaconda" cover art and subsequently made the shot her Twitter profile pic (you know, the image where the rapper wears nothing but a pink G-string and matching sports bra while flaunting her famous booty for the camera)—which the "Super Bass" beauty found less than amusing."Give me one good reason why Miley made this her twitter avi. AnacondaOniTunes," the 31-year-old captioned Cyrus' doctored shot, adding a series of emojis to suggest she's crying with laughter. No word yet if the "We Can't Stop" singer got wind of Minaj's remarks, but if she did, she certainly wasn't fazed by the rapper's comments, considering she proceeded to post another carbon-copy pic (sans any caption) with info on how to vote for herself for the upcoming MTV Video Music Awards.Despite the social media back-and-forth between these two, the short-haired stunner has previously praised the rapper (and even dressed up as Nicki for Halloween), calling Minaj one of her "top five favorite singers"—a remark which was well-received by The Other Woman star.This isn't the first time Minaj's racy cover art has made headlines as of late. Following the release of the image, the "Starships" rapper seemingly found herself on the receiving end of criticism, and unsurprisingly, she didn't hesitate to fire back at her haters.In addition to the two nominations she received for "Anaconda," she and her "Bang Bang" cohorts Jessie J and Ariana Grande are contenders for "Best Collaboration.

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Lil Mama Brutalized On Twitter For Alleged Nicki Minaj Diss

Lil Mama has been on a rather refreshing nostalgic kick as she preps her forthcoming mixtape, followers twitter Take You Back, but now it appears that she’ll have to battle relevancy like never before after she dropped a supposed Nicki Minaj diss record.On her new song, “Too Fly,” which employs the trusted sample of DJ Kool’s “Let Me Clear My Throat” and part of Kris Kross’ “Jump” chorus, the Brooklynite raps: “If I was born in Trini and I moved to the states/With all the rage, I would have got deported/I should punch you in your face for making me grandma/with all these sons and uncle grandpa’s/And the stunts you be pulling like you bloody, bloody mad/’Til I smack you in the face while I’m writing these anthems.”Was Lil Mama talking about the Trinidadian-born Nicki Minaj who migrated to New York City and entered the game after Lil Mama made her debut, forcing her to become the senior artist?It doesn’t matter. The people say she did and such is life for the legacy of this track.Check out some of the more slanderous reactions to Lil Mama’s so-called diss. The fans can be relentless to the point where the artist doesn’t have to say one word.Look what you started! Nicki Minaj may have just been venting her frustrations against MTV on Twitter on Tuesday, July 21, because she received only two 2015 VMA nominations for “Anaconda,” but her gripes on social media quickly turned into a series of funny misunderstandings with fellow nominee Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian.After the nominees were revealed earlier in the day, the “Only” performer made clear to the network that while she appreciates the recognition she did receive, she feels she should be up for more than three awards.

Twitter Is Not Having Nicki Minaj's Wheelchair Joke

Looks like Nicki is not here for the back and forth. After explaining her dark humor for her slightly insensitive wheelchair prank, best place to buy twitter followers the femcee took to Twitter to silence those who still had something to say. In a series of tweets directed to Perez Hilton, who wouldn't let up, Nicki blasted the gossip monger, calling him desperate for attention.Looks like this Halloween, Nicki Minaj managed to scare off some fans after posting an offensive video where she appeared to be making fun of a person in a wheelchair. Among her many Instagram posts on Saturday night showing off her Halloween doppelgängers, her buxom princess costume and the festivities at 1OAK, where she celebrated fright night, there was one in particular that caught the most attention: a video in which she’s walking down a hallway and points to a person in a wheelchair and says, “I command you to walk!” while laughing hysterically.The social media backlash was immediate. “'I guess it's kool to make fun at disable people Smh,” wrote one of her followers, while another posted, “God will do with her when it’s time.”Nicki later defended the accusations by saying that the person in the wheelchair was in fact a friend of hers who is not disabled. Still, fans weren't buying it. “Who cares if the person can walk or not. She still said something ignorant,” wrote one follower.Nicki Minaj got on Twitter to complain about a VMA snub Tuesday evening, and Taylor Swift took the rapper's comments as a personal attack.Now, their fans are choosing sides and Twitter is freaking out.Minaj retweeted a few of her fans' complaints about the perceived snubs.Oh, and Kim Kardashian West somehow got involved. But we'll get to that part later.

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