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Hack-Proof Your Company’s Social Media

There are ways to reduce social media risks. My company, HootSuite, provides social media tools to 79 of the Fortune 100 companies – brands with millions of followers and a lot buy instagram likes for all pictures to lose in a social media mishap. Being in the trenches, I’ve seen that common sense, a little training and the right technology go a long way. Believe it or not, the most common password in 2012 was still “password” (followed closely behind by “123456”). Few people realize that an effective password is often the only thing standing between you and a cyberattack. Instead of choosing your cat’s name or your personal details, consider strategies like using the first letter of each word of a common phrase or song lyric (“I can’t get no satisfaction” becomes ICGNS). Or save yourself the trouble altogether and use password generating and management tools like LastPass.

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Hacking Social Media

Recent developments in social media provide a wealth of data and opportunities for new ways of interacting that had previously not existed. Social media shapes the way people interact with each other and is a fertile, but under-explored space for artists to experiment. In this production class, we examine the various uses of, and ways of interacting with, social media. Student projects will interface with social media using the buy small instagram likes APIs provided by sites such as Facebook and Twitter, and experiment with alternative modes of interacting and data mining. The first project of the course will be a Twitter bot that will make automatic queries and posts to Twitter when prompted by either an automated search or another user’s post. Subsequent projects will explore the use of web-crawlers, the use of data from Facebook, the DIY programming of Facebook apps, creative data visualization, and the use of sensors or QR codes to add physical interaction. Familiarity with social media interfaces is not necessary, but students should have some prior experience with programming. Lab fee is $100.

Social Media Hacks That Will Deliver Insane

Did you know that IBM saw a 400% increase in sales from social media marketing in just one quarter? Insanity! None of you were born yesterday, you all know that social media is a critical component of your marketing strategy. But what about all those businesses that aren’t seeing any return? Is buy instagram likes free trial social media not worth the headache? Is their audience just not using social platforms? NOPE, all this means is that they’re doing it wrong! Facebook alone has 1.44 billion monthly users – as in 20% of the world’s population, according to Mashable. For heaven’s sake, my parents are on Facebook and Instagram more often than I am (well, almost).

I recently attended Distilled’s Boston-based SearchLove conference, and was blown away by Jeremy Goldman’s social presentation. Jeremy’s list of accomplishments is extensive and impressive, but to name a few, he’s the Founder of Firebrand Group, author of Going Social, and a columnist for Inc. and TNW.

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