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How to Succeed in a Start-Up Business

Starting a business is one of the most challenging endeavors anyone can embark upon. However, I recently saw the front cover of Inc. Magazine and it simply said, “How to Nail a Start-Up: Three Little Words…Listen, Learn, Adapt.” When you start a business, it is important that buy 30 instagram likes you listen to the market, your customers and your vendors. The market will determine the demand for your product or service and will also assist you in determining the price point. When you listen to your customers, they will tell you what they like about your product and what they don’t like. They will also tell you whether you are winning the customer service battle and if you are providing them with all that they want. Your vendors will help you keep a pulse on the industry. Depending upon the buying cycle, they may be seeing trends and privy to information far in advance of when you may see it. That can be invaluable when running a start-up business. Learn from everywhere possible. Learn from other entrepreneurs who have not only succeeded, but also failed. Many times understanding the mistakes to avoid is more valuable than tips to succeed. Learn from your employees. What challenges are they facing each day and what triumphs are they experiencing. What are they learning from your customers that they may not be open to telling you directly.

social media


Diving into any kind of venture without a clear plan sets you up to fail. Do you have a social media business plan? A social media strategic plan? Have you done a social media audit? Have you taken a good look at what you are doing for your business, social media wise? If you are like most business owners, you’ve set up several social media accounts and are engaging with friends and family. Maybe you are strongly represented on LinkedIn. Maybe you best website to buy instagram likes have a Facebook Fan Page because your restaurant is well established and all current customers have ‘liked’ your page. Maybe your Twitter account is used to follow the likes of Charlie Sheen, Steve Martin and Lady Gaga. Maybe your 12-year old set you up on YouTube and you’ve uploaded family vacation and holiday videos. In order to use social media for driving traffic to your website and ultimately, driving customers to buy from you, you need a comprehensive, business and strategic, social media plan.

Social Business Planning

Some small businesses start without a business plan, finding success in a breakthrough product or service early on and building upon that success organically. However, it’s inevitable that the venture will need to have a structured business plan put in place at some point if the business is expected to scale, buy likes for instagram expand and ultimately thrive. This well understood concept is the basis for what I’m informally labeling “social business planning”, yet from my experiences working across multiple organizations, the current focus remains on social media programs (the external) without putting in the appropriate social business infrastructure (the internal). Sound like theory? It’s not. Many of you reading this are probably initiating your own versions of social business planning and if you aren’t you will be.

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